December 01
Design Job-Seeking Resources

Design Job-Seeking Resources

This is a way to give back to the community and say "thank you" to all the amazing people who have helped me.
Always happy to connect with design students who don't feel like they fit into any boxes and explore various aspects of your career / design / identity crisis :) Ping me at:

💥 Job Postings

Special thanks to the creators of the open-source forms in this database.

💸 Money

Coroflot Design Salary Guide:
UX/UI salary:

🎙️ Designer Stories

Podcasts + websites. We’re not alone in this journey. 🛵
Honest Designer’s Show Podcast:
The Futur Podcast with Chris Do:
Design Life Podcast:

📖 Career Coach

This is my personal hoarding space but I’m happy to share. Thanks to everyone who has shared their insights.
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Gallery view
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